Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happiness must be earned (and then eaten).

Lately I've noticed that when I see things become ripe and ready for use, I almost forget all the time and work that goes into each plant - almost.  I become so distracted at the shiny and new offering, it's a mind blowing feeling to walk around the fields and see so many (read: too many) things to eat.  Throughout this season I've become lightly obsessed with the method that things grow, the patterns of the plants, and the cycle of plant life and death.  When I do get around to thinking of the effort and time spent, it still seems so worth it to have the ability to be in the midst of cooking and go run out to grab exactly what is needed right at that very moment.  I know this isn't possible forever, but while the getting's good, it's good.

Shout out to everyone at the EST for making good with nature.

Cari B

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Patience is rewarded handsomely! (do you need any squash?)

For the last month our grounds have looked green, lush, and verdant.  Beautiful.  But somewhere along the way, at least for me, green became redundant.  Please don't misinterpret me...I adore the old standards of spinach and lettuce.  I've now savored the crisp, buttery taste of both tot soi and bok choi.  Arugula and I have a long, torrid love affair.  Yes! -  all was green and delicious but...I was left craving more. 


In the past two weeks, our other cherished vegetables have begun to ripen.  Sweet peas were spotted first.  Now, bright squash blossoms beg for our attention.  Plump raspberries dangle with a come-hither stance.  Kohl rabi beckon us over with their eager, flailing leaves.  Cherry tomatoes cascade down, each a jewel to appreciate with anticipation.  Yellow, pink, purple, and red - the farm is inundated with eye-candy.  With the sunflowers high above us, harvesting for the CSA, market, and ourselves is truly a feast for the soul!


Being here is both fulfilling and satisfying.  We hope that our vegetables, bread, and other prepared goodies project just this sentiment! 


Hoomoos, Pesto, and VT Goldburgers have just met our newest edition:  Uncle Moishy's Pickles.  We've achieved a delightful, crisp pickle perfect for a snack or sandwich pairing.   Simple ingredients create pure taste!  Oh!  We also just met Uncle M's cousins – The Relishes.  One's a bit sweet and the other is slightly spicy.  Come meet the whole family at the market!          

See you there!

megg- ww'oeuf

meg likes a regular egg!