Monday, April 26, 2010

I've. Had. The time of my life.

Bob and Andrea,
  You're time spent here at EST was greatly valued, my friends. I thought of going into detail about how many life lessons I've taken in from such beautiful folks, but it was all just too overwhelming (one main reason that this post took some time). I have a whole-lotta love and respect for you guys; it's sincere enough to make me explode. So, thank you.

...and on that farm, he had a drill.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

elmore roots

Monday, Bob and Andrea's last day in Vermont, the Earth Sky Time crew took a field trip to Elmore Roots Nursery. We were dazzled by fruit trees of varying types, ages, and sizes and seduced by the thought of fresh more bagels and heavy, carb-loaded food, puh-leeze! During our picnic Spooky compensated for the lack of utensils by manifesting a Martha Stewart worthy appetizer that I promised to share--a hard boiled egg stuffed with black bean mush and homemade bagel chips. Looks pretty good, eh?

Although we left before the planting ensued, I'm sure EST will benefit greatly from their addition to the farm. Thank you, David! 

We will continue to send our love your way. 

Be well, WWOOFers and friends,
Andrea + Bob

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jumping and Growing

Kids and vegetables, yes, that's right! 'Tis the season for looking up...can't wait for fresh greens and warm summer nights. 

grey zone

the grey zone started last night. no, not talking about fruit, flower,
root or leaf.
it was a baking grey zone- 2 batches of weird cookies.
then it got complicated-- moving the chickens turned into an hours
long high intensity aerobic fiasco.
luckily there were southern home fries and espresso to revive everyone.
then i left a dozen eggs and our camera on top of the minivan when i
put eden into his seat and promptly forgot about them. eggs aren't too
precious around here these days but it was extremely unfortunate to
see a car run over the camera. it was a sad mess of squished metal and
drippy eggs.
is there such thing as a household grey zone?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Farewell to our Friend Chris

Our comrade Chris left EST yesterday after several months of WWOOFing. We will miss his sense of humor, his homebrew beverage experiments, his Tetris-in-autumn jewel of a sweater, the black metal, Long Island, and Icelandic references, and, selfishly, his willingness to daily do the hard, dirty work without complaint. Cheers to Mr. Meister! Bon voyage and keep us posted on your nordic adventures!