Wednesday, April 21, 2010

elmore roots

Monday, Bob and Andrea's last day in Vermont, the Earth Sky Time crew took a field trip to Elmore Roots Nursery. We were dazzled by fruit trees of varying types, ages, and sizes and seduced by the thought of fresh more bagels and heavy, carb-loaded food, puh-leeze! During our picnic Spooky compensated for the lack of utensils by manifesting a Martha Stewart worthy appetizer that I promised to share--a hard boiled egg stuffed with black bean mush and homemade bagel chips. Looks pretty good, eh?

Although we left before the planting ensued, I'm sure EST will benefit greatly from their addition to the farm. Thank you, David! 

We will continue to send our love your way. 

Be well, WWOOFers and friends,
Andrea + Bob

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