Sunday, March 7, 2010

somehow it is already march.
somehow the growing season is upon us and we are already scrambling.
and somehow, thank goodness, we've got another great household of wwoofers to share this adventure with. i am not sure how i feel about this new online format. my initial reaction to oliver suggesting a blog instead of a good old lined notebook was, of course, my usual "no". i truly enjoy going through past wwoofer journals. there's something about them that would be impossible to capture with a keyboard-- like lottie's fantastic doodles (especially the corn maze at night with everybody yelling for joe- oy vey). oliver thinks that we will scan people's doodles in with our fancy new scanner. we'll see.
eden turned 1 in rock star mode with a jam session that turned into a high energy, high volume dance party thanks to the enormous speakers that oliver insisted on lugging up from the basement. yes, it was worth it. eden fell asleep in anna's arms while working the dance floor. excellent moon crater wacky cake made by andrea was enjoyed by all. so here's to a great year for eden and a great season here at earth sky time farm.

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