Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Love em' and Leave em'!"

It just can't be that easy for me, Oliver.
My beautiful Earth Sky Time Family,
  Man, pulling out of that driveway was rough. Heartache, baby - some of the most genuine that I've felt. My insides were screaming, "I'M NOT READYYY." So now I'm here, listening to Taj Mahal and recounting the number of new experiences EST has given me. Thank you for sharing everything you have - wisdom, friends, celebrations, and maple syrup. This was my first real journey into a completely new space, filled with completely new folks. I remember feeling a bit choked up at that first Shabbat dinner. Jeez, what an ambiance! Now, it's hard for me to remember my life before you, Earth Sky Time. Though I'm sure that line can be found in a ton of corny love songs, just know that I mean it. Enough to write a corny love song about it. You all helped me to discover what I really need in order to live a healthy, happy life. There's so much love, what can I do? I guess I'll just write letters to Bonnie.
Oliver - Please, keep talking me into doing new things. I love you for it all.
Bonnie - I'll never forget when you asked me if you could hug me at the two(and 1/2)-week-meeting. You are an A+++ schlepper of children, and pretty good at being the maternal yet ball-busting force at EST.
Guv - You may be the world's greatest vegan food inventor/angsty punk rocker. I'll be at every show.
Talula - As I festival hop this summer, I will be sure to show America your excellent dance moves.
Eden - SAY BIRD ALREADY!!! or Anna. 
Spooook! - One day, I'm going to creep into the bus while you're in some weird state. THEN, spook YOU.
Mollie - Let's be sisters. I'm going to write a letter to Yim Yames asking him if he needs two armrests on tour.
Theo - Send me recordings of your beautiful thought process! Let's team up on the traveling burrito kitchen.
Sara(h) - Is there such a thing as a graceful fireball? BINGO.
Meredith - Every time I watch a chick flick, I'll hear your voice yelling at the lead actress for being such an idiot. Also, when you're ready to chop your hair off, I'm ready to chop your hair off!
Shalom, Y'all.

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