Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Night the Chickens Moved, and the Earth Stood Still

So, a few weeks back, it was decided it was the appropriate night to move the 250-or-so chickens from their current resting place to someplace else entirely different. Right on cue, the night skies above blazed with pink electrical storm lightening, Ben One retired to the, um, safety of the Apple Shed and the night heat approached something tropical.
As the clock struck 10:30pm and half the flock were, um, safely loaded into the EST Jeep, the world went weirdly silent, before the sky caved in on itself and what felt like hurricane-strength winds ripped across the farm sending chickens and humans scattering in it's wake. I distinctly remember running after Oliver shouting,"What do we do?" to which m'boss yelled back "I REALLY DONT KNOW?!"
We all ran towards the greenhouses, which considering the lightening above, probably wasn't the, um, safest thing to do...I hurriedly closed the open side of the third greenhouse and was promptly sent flying through the air by the strength of the wind ripping through the plastic.
The winds ripped one of the sides clean off the middle greenhouse, The big white house lost all power, Trees fell left & right (proving Brother John Lynch not entirely wrong regarding certain things) Ben Two looked Shell-shocked, Max took his shirt off and got a chest full of chickstein poop for his troubles, and somehow no body (human or otherwise) lost their lifes.
The storm came and went in under the hour and we finished moving the chickens.
The next morning they all escaped.
True story.

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