Saturday, May 28, 2011

Put it on the LIST

Dear Diary,

I have never felt so strongly that the day's allotted hours are not enough.  The actions and conversations here have spawned so many good ideas/projects and I deflate a bit when I realize how many of these I have already forgotten about.  I vote to create a WWOOFer official-blow-the-whistle list of stuffs we should be doing at any and all times.  It feels mighty fine that I am in a position wherein I can pick and choose projects and goals that are so diversified; and I look forward to working on banging out the list with my homies on the farm-front.

In other news, the plants are growing (and bolting) faster than we can currently deal, and I hope to be able to get a handle on this before it gets all MacGruber in here.  

xo and much harvesting,
Cari B

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